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Turmeric & Kojic Acid Body Lotion

Turmeric & Kojic Acid Body Lotion

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Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and welcome brighter, more even-toned skin with our Kojic Acid Brightening Body Lotion and Moisturizing Face Cream. With nourishing ingredients like Licorice, Turmeric, Papaya, Alpha Arbutin and Collagen Face Lotion.

Our Kojic Acid Brightening Body Lotion is specifically designed to deeply penetrate your skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. Its fast-acting formula delivers intense moisture while effectively reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

This body brightening lotion contains a blend of natural ingredients that work together to hydrate, nourish and brighten your complexion. The inclusion of Licorice, and alpha arbutin helps in reducing dark circles while Turmeric works as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that fights against acne-causing bacteria leaving you with youthful glowing complexion. Papaya aids in exfoliating dead cells from within for brighter looking youthful complexion. Alpha Arbutin present in it helps fade hyperpigmentation by blocking tyrosinase activity causing melanin production making it an ideal ingredient for treating melasma, old age spots, sunburns or acne marks. The Collagen Face Lotion improves elasticity by providing intense hydration which results in firmer looking youthful radiant glow.

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