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Handmade Whipped Tallow Cream - Pure organic Grass-Fed beef tallow face and body cream

Handmade Whipped Tallow Cream - Pure organic Grass-Fed beef tallow face and body cream

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Pure 100% Beef Tallow whipped Cream

Unparalleled Skin Nourishment!"
"I've struggled with dry skin for years, but after using Pure 100% Tallow Cream, my skin has never felt better. It's incredibly moisturizing without being greasy, and I love that it's all-natural!" - Jamie L.

Imagine your skin so nourished, so radiant, it glows. Pure 100% Tallow Cream tackles the toughest dryness and dullness. Sourced from grass-fed beef, this double-rendered cream deeply moisturizes and revitalizes your skin. Its versatility as a face, hand, hair, and lip moisturizer makes it an indispensable part of your daily routine.

Here's Why You'll Love This:
✓ Rich Hydration: Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin. Our cream offers deep, lasting moisture, transforming your skin into a hydrated, supple haven.
✓ Versatile Use: From head to toe, this cream does it all. Perfect as a face, hand, and lip moisturizer, and even as a hair conditioner!
✓ Pure and Natural: No additives, just 100% pure, unscented tallow from locally raised, grass-fed beef. Ideal for sensitive skin.
✓ Luxurious Texture: The whipped, creamy texture feels like a luxury spa treatment every time you use it.
✓ Eco-Friendly Packaging: Housed in an amber glass jar, our cream supports both your skin and the environment.

Our grass-fed beef tallow is an excellent source of vitamins A, D & K that are essential for maintaining healthy skin. The creamy texture of the product makes it easy to apply without any greasiness or heaviness on the skin.

This all-in-one solution comes in a convenient jar that can be easily carried in your purse or backpack so you can enjoy long-lasting nourishment throughout the day. Our Whipped Tallow Face & Body Cream will leave you feeling refreshed with its subtle natural fragrance while keeping your body hydrated all day long.

Experience nature's perfect solution today with our 100% Pure Unscented whipped Grass fed Beef Tallow Face & Body Cream - Your perfect partner for healthy glowing beauty!


Our whipped Tallow cream can be used as:

*Body moisturizer

*Face cream

*Hand cream

*Deep conditioner for hair

*Lip moisturizer

- Double Rendered beef tallow with Minimal to no beef smell.

- It is made in small batches.

- Contains no preservatives

Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed beef tallow

Processing time: 1 business day 📝📝

Delivery Process: 4-5 business days for delivery🚛🚛

Return and exchange🙌🙌

We accept return and exchange🧣🧣


Gor external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Before using, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to check for any sensitivities.

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