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Grass Fed Beef Tallow & Goat Milk Body Lotion- Handmade organic tallow body lotion

Grass Fed Beef Tallow & Goat Milk Body Lotion- Handmade organic tallow body lotion

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Experience the nourishing benefits of our Beef Tallow & Goat Milk Lotion, an all-natural, organic moisturizer that provides your skin with the care it deserves. Made with organic grass-fed beef tallow and goat milk, this lotion is perfect for both face and body use.

This organic lotion offers a luxurious feel while providing a multitude of benefits to promote healthy-looking skin. The grass-fed beef tallow in our formula boasts high levels of vitamin A, D & E which aid in collagen production thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines while goat milk's natural alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead cells revealing radiant new cells below.

Handcrafted to moisturize your skin from deep within, this unscented and fragrance-free lotion is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Our unique blend of ingredients ensures that your skin stays soft and supple throughout the day.

Our Beef Tallow & Goat Milk Lotion helps soothe dry itchy patches on hands, elbows or knees leaving you feeling hydrated throughout the day. 

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef tallow, Goat Milk, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera) Juice, Purified de-ionized water, Emulsifying Wax NF, Palm Stearic Acid (Natural thickener), Vegetable Glycerin, hydrolyzed oat protein, d-panthenol, Vitamin E, liquid Germall Plus.

• Made in United States

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